Thursday, 31 December 2015

Rosie's Soap & Glory Bargain at Boots

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share my latest bargain x

Hi honeys
I'm all excited :) Like lots of other ladies who adore the Soap and Glory range of products I wait all year for their wonderful Christmas bag :) You can find detail of this year's bag here honeys.  So having already added additional yummy S &G supplies to my bathroom cabinet from the Christmas bag, while shopping this week I popped into Boots and was thrilled to find this...
Rosies Soap & Glory Bargain at Boots
Isn't it pretty honeys?  It's in the Boots after Christmas sale reduced from £18 to £9.  Shall we take a closer look at this set and it's contents?

Soap & Glory In The Bag set packaging
The packaging is lovely as always and once the large cardboard wrap around label is removed we're left with this gorgeous bag...
Soap & Glory In The Bag Set bag
There are no words for how much I adore this pretty bag! It was what made me walk over to look at this set and is a real step back to the original, beautiful, more vintage look of the Soap and Glory range.  It was this gorgeous vintage feel that drew me to their products long before I'd ever tried them.

This bag is smaller than the large Christmas gift set bags but that makes it far more user friendly I think.  The inside of the bag is as beautiful as the outside, with a pretty pink and white lined pattern, a useful zipped compartment in the lid and a clear plastic zipped compartment in the base.
Soap & Glory In The Bag set bag interior
I should say here that the inside of the bag, and its products, were beautifully presented. The products were all wrapped in pale pink tissue paper with the logo printed all over it.
Soap & Glory tissue Paper
Such a lovely touch and it really made this set feel extra special.  I wish I'd thought to take a photo before I unwrapped the products inside...

The products themselves are all travel (or handbag) size and include the following:
Soap & Glory In The Bag set contents

  1. Heel Genius: A 50ml tube of Soap and Glory's foot cream that's wonderful smoothed on after a bath/shower. A treat for feet :)
  2. Hand Food: A 50ml tube of the best hand cream ever. A perfect handbag sized tube and easier to carry around than my current full sized tube. Love this hand cream, a little goes a long way, it's very quickly absorbed into the skin and smells fabulous. 
  3. The Scrub of Your Life: A 50ml tube of Soap and Glory's lovely smoothing, exfoliating body buffer. 
  4. Glad Hair Day: A 50ml tube of Soap and Glory's shampoo. I actually haven't tried this shampoo yet so this will be a great opportunity to "try before I buy." It certainly smells wonderful. 
  5. The Righteous Butter: A 50ml jar of the best body butter ever! I know I do go on about this product but it is beyond fantastic. How wonderful to have a handbag sized container to carry around with me :)  
  6. Clean On Me: A 75ml bottle of my other favourite product from the entire Soap and Glory range :) I've said before if I were to find myself marooned on a desert island I'd be just fine if I could have with me an inexhaustible supply of Clean On Me and The Righteous Butter - and Hubby and our furbaby Jade too of course! 
  7. Shower Puff: A pretty, pink Soap and Glory    
This would probably be an ideal set to take on holiday honeys or given the time of year, on overnight visits to family and friends so that you have a small supply of your favourite products on hand while you're away from home :)  I just checked and Boots, at this moment, still have this set listed on their website, you can find it here.

I really do love this set honeys but it makes me feel even more disappointed with the bag supplied with this year's huge Christmas gift set The Whole She-Bang.
Soap & Glory bags comparison
Why oh why couldn't they have used the gorgeous pink design (with the pink & white lined interior) on this year's Christmas set instead of the one they used?  What can I say, I'm a vintage kinda girl who loves vintage looking things.

Yes, pop art is kinda vintage but it's just not my kinda vintage. At least this example of it.  I've had a couple of weeks now with the pop art bag and the more I look at it the "louder" it gets.  The quality of the bag is excellent as always but this one will definitely be used for storage of things I don't have to access often and will be living in a cupboard I'm afraid.  It's just not a design I can find any pleasure in looking at, it isn't pretty enough to display, unlike earlier bag designs.

My bag moans aside Boots actually have The Big She-Bang set still on sale today online and at a bargain price of £25 too! A real bargain since this is less than the cost of three of the nine full size products inside. If you're interested you can find it here.

What are your thoughts honeys?  Have you tried the Soap and Glory range? Are you a fan like me? What do you think of the bag designs?  Only a few hours now till 2016, whatever you're doing tonight have fun and stay safe and warm dear ones, till next time, huggles always xxx


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    1. Hi Heidi xx Thank you honey, I love the pretty pastel shade of the smaller bag, it's closer to their normal designs. Looking again at the other bag I think it's the writing on the inside which sort of yells that's doing it because the pattern on the outside with the bright red lips etc is ok once I had a chance to get used to it :) Sending mountains of huggles honey xxx