Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Rosie's Fun & Fabulous Ikea Visit Part 2

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, I just wanted to share our latest visit and some smiles :) hugs x

Hi Honeys
Back again with the last part of (this latest) trip to Ikea :) If you missed part one you can find it here. I really do love Ikea visits. They're around half an hour away from us (by car) though so we only manage to visit a couple of times a year. This is why each rare visit is planned down to the tiniest detail. I blogged about how we plan our visits here honeys.

Off we go then honeys, off to Ikea....  
Rosies fun & fabulous Ikea visit part 2
If you read the last post you might remember I mentioned a chair used in one of the bedroom displays?  This is the chair in a gorgeous shade of green  :)

Ikea Strandmon chair in skiftebo green
Isn't it beautiful honeys? In the bedroom display Ikea had used the grey version, which absolutely worked with the dark wood bedroom cabinets and charcoal bedding. It's available in other colours and there is also a matching footstool too.
Ikea Strandmon chairs
This chair is beyond beautiful in all of the colours but if I had to choose a favourite it would be the gorgeous green version.  I can so easily see myself curled up in this chair with a good book.

Another stunning chair design that made me stop and stare. Literally. Is the Stockholm chair...
Stockholm chair from Ikea
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I love everything about this chair honeys. It's just beautiful and I love the black fabric too. This chair would be dramatic and simply stunning in any room I think.

Still with chairs honeys, I've always adored the shape of these little rounded "club" chairs named TULLSTA.  It's sheer genius that replacement covers are available to allow for an easy change of look for your room. These adorable little chairs would look just as fabulous at a desk in a home office as they would in a sitting room.  I can easily see one of these lovely rounded chairs sitting at a dressing table or vanity too.
As dining chairs go these Tobias chairs are pretty wonderful. There is something about the clear plastic seats I love.  They're pretty as well as practical.
Tobias chair from Ikea
 If you've ever been on Pinterest honeys you'll have seen the countless uses for these fantastic RÅSKOG trolleys. These wonderful trolleys can be used in every room in the home. I've seen them used to store fruit and vegetables or cookbooks and utensils in the kitchen.  To organize beauty products in the bathroom and as a bedside table too!
 So many uses for a brilliantly designed, incredibly useful little trolley.

I've seen the Detolf glass display units many times before and have always thought they'd be a lovely way to safely display collections, such as china or crystal.  I have to admit though I'd never thought about them being used to display shoes :)  
Detolf glass display cabinet from Ikea
Doesn't it look amazing though?  I can easily imagine doing this if I owned a few pairs of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo heels (a woman can dream after all) It could also display designer bags & purses beautifully too, as well as keep them safe from dust damage.  This display case would be a must have for any woman lucky enough to have a walk in closet or a designer shoe collection, don't you agree honeys? :)

One department I look forward to seeing each visit is Ikea's rug department. So many designs, colours and shapes.  The rug shown below is called ÖNSKEDRÖM, I hadn't seen it before and adore its vibrant colours.   
Next it's off to the cushions, throw pillows and throws department :) Another department I wander around in for far too long :) So many gorgeous colours and shades here! Accessories to suit every colour scheme in anyone's home.
Cushions & throws department in Ikea
 Among the highlights seen this trip were these cushion covers....
Ikea cushion covers
 Aren't they just fabulous?  You can see details here and here.

As I said in the last post it's become our tradition to buy our furbaby Jade a new soft toy each visit and I was so pleased to see their new range.  Jade loves her stuffies and even takes one up to bed with her every night.  I like them because the eyes and features are stitched on instead of glass eyes being used which could make her (God forbid) choke.  
Ikea stuffed toys
Please bear in mind honeys I have no idea what the filling is in these stuffed toys.  I was reminded that some furbabies tear their toys (thank you Heidi x) and I don't want any furbabies being hurt or getting sick from eating stuffing x  I was told by a vet once that furbabies who tear their toys are actually trying to protect their families from the toys because they seem them as having invaded their home. That's so sweet!

This visit, Jade's new toy is the orange unicorn you can see in the above photo :)  I wasn't sure it was a unicorn at first but having checked, apparently he is a unicorn and his name is Sagoskatt.  Jade has been carrying him around and even snuggling next to him for naps :)

I hope you've enjoyed our little Ikea visit honeys. Is Ikea your happy place too?  I adore it there but I so wish their stores were easier to get to :/  We don't own a car so our visits there are very rare.  I did see an interview on BBC Breakfast recently where a lady representing Ikea said they were planning smaller Ikea retail units.  I hope they go ahead with their plans because it would be wonderful to visit more often.

Till next time dear ones, stay safe & warm, hugs always xx  


  1. I love that green for that chair too. I have that same glass cabinet but would have never thought to display shoes. Fun trip with you to IKEA! I love walking through the displayed home areas too.

    1. Hi Rhonda :) It's so good to see you here this morning! I've just been to your blog to say hello and saw your post. I'm hoping the weather stays lovely for you so you can have your walks (which I'm so grateful are helping) Everything will be fine Rhonda, only a couple of weeks and you'll have your darling baby with you and everything will be fine again. Keep smiling your beautiful smile and take care of you angel, everything will be fine. I'm so looking forward to your post introducing your darling wee baby, Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts dearest friend, sending you a huge hug all the way from Scotland, love and hugs always honey xxx

  2. I love that your furbaby takes care of her stuffed toys like that. so sweet!!

    1. :) She's adorable when they have to be washed every now and again too. She'll sit in the kitchen just watching them go around and around in the washing machine and waits patiently for them to come back out. Jade is a constant source of joy, bless her :) huggles honey xxx