Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Reindeer Invading The Bedroom - Christmas Bedding Is Super Cute!

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products just wanted to share my latest smiles x

Hi Honeys :)
It's starting to look a little like Christmas around here :)
Rosies New Christmas Bedding
So, I decided I needed some cheering up, it really has been an exhausting few weeks so I set about changing our master bedroom so that I could finally add the adorable reindeer cushions Hubby brought me home.  Do you remember them honeys? They look like this...
Reindeer cushion
I seriously can't help but smile every time I look at this adorable reindeer :)  Focus, Rosie! lol :) Sorry :) So, anyway...

On a recent trip to Ikea, my happy place, I saw and fell in love with this duvet cover set....
Parlhyacint Bedding Set From Ikea

Well I'd already decided those cute cushions would look fabulous on the bed rather than on the sofa, because I already had a gorgeous reindeer cushion (again from Ikea a few months ago, I can't find it on their site honeys, I tried to find a link for you, sorry)

Well, when I put them all together, this happened...
What do you think honeys? The red cushions with the reindeer saying merry Christmas are obviously the ones from Poundland and the cushion in the middle is the Ikea one.

The bedding is the set from Ikea and at the bottom of the bed I have a "sherpa" throw we've had for quite a while.  It was from Argos and I adore it. It's ideal to snuggle under on the sofa when watching TV, although Jade always ends up with more throw than me, she loves naptime and being snuggled under fluffy blankets :)
Red sherpa throw
The same throw doesn't seem to be available anymore but they do have a similar throw here.

When all of these elements are combined the bed looks like this...
Rosies Christmas bedding
Looking at this image I've noticed Hubby's bedside cabinet needs tidying :) Too many books, bless him :) A lassie can keep her home as tidy as she wants but her Hubby will always find a wee corner to clutter :) Ignore me sweetheart! I'm kidding! Books are never clutter xx  Of course I'm saying this because I have four books currently sitting on our sofa right now :)

Back to our master bedroom then honeys :) Reindeer have also taken over the little book/picture rail above the headboard too...
Don't they look adorable?  I did think about (temporarily) changing the beach scene canvas for something more appropriate to be a backdrop for cute reindeer but I couldn't bear to move it!  This canvas is where I disappear to in order to be calm.  I can't tell you how much time I've spent staring at it and wishing we lived by the sea.

From left to right then on the little picture rail are:

1. A print of "the singing butler" - this is actually a cork backed place mat :) we do though have a framed print of this image in our upper hallway.  This is my absolute favourite painting by the wonderfully talented artist Jack Vettriano. We were lucky enough to see an exhibition of his work a couple of years ago and I was so thrilled to be able to see the original "Singing Butler" in person. I'll never forget the experience :)

2. An adorable, sparkly, glittery, light up reindeer head. A gift from Hubby - thank you sweetheart xx

3. The cutest tartan reindeer wearing his jaunty, stylish scarf - a gift from a dear, sweet friend - thank you Francine xx

4. A solar powered dancing reindeer :) Adorable! a gift from my much loved Brother in law - Thank you honey xx

5. Last but by no means least is Loki! Sweetest, cutest wee Loki in the world...
A Mini Loki
Of course dear Mr Hiddleston is adorable too but I'm fairly certain he wouldn't fit on our picture rail but he's such a sweet man I'm sure he'd try if he were asked :)

Loki was a gift from a very sweet friend, thank you Cheryl xx Loki is still making me smile every single day :) You can see Loki, and some of Cheryl's other wonderful creations in this post honeys and you can find her on Facebook here.

So that's it then, only a few small changes but they're so making me smile :) I hope you have too many reasons to smile too dear ones, till next time, huggles always xxx


  1. I love it, your bedding looks beautiful together :) and festive!

    1. Heidi that's so sweet! Thank you honey x I adore Ikea bedding because they know about pillowcases :) A double (and king size) duvet set is supplied with four pillowcases instead of the more usual two per set we have in UK. Does anyone have two pillows on a double bed? I have been told in the past that I'm a bit obsessed with pillows and throw cushions, what can I say, I love them :) Hugs always honey xx

  2. Absolutely fabulous bedding! Love it!! Wow you had the chance to see an exhibition by Jack Vettriano. He may be one of my favorite artists!! I love the painting where two ladies are seated in front of a window sipping tea

    1. Thank you, Rhonda, that's so sweet x I absolutely loved the Vettriano exhibition, it was a dream come true and I'll never forget it. I can disappear into his paintings. There is a painting of a couple dancing, the lady is wearing the most beautiful long white dress? That's another of my favourites :) I was at your blog this morning and saw your instagram pic, congratulations honey! I'm so, so happy for you and your family :) Such wonderful news to end the year on. You're going to have such a wonderful 2016 with your new home to look forward to and now your precious angel has arrived you can look forward to her 1st Christmas next year too. Sending so much love and hugs to you and your sweet family dear one, huggles always xxx

  3. I love your bedding Roise. I have been searching for the perfect Christmas pillows and I ADORE your reindeer ones. How cute!!!

    1. Hi Heather :) Thank you! I so wish I could send them over to you honey, they're very smiley cushions :) I hope you've been having a fabulous time over the holidays, it's been so busy here but I'm hoping that things will slow down and go back to normal after the holidays are over. Before we know it, it'll be Spring again :) I'm determined to plant more roses this year, last year the garden made me smile such a lot :) Sending mountains of hugs your way angel and wishes for the best new year ever xxx

  4. I love the bedding!! Its perfect with the reindeer. What a find!

    1. Thank you Yvonne, that's so sweet! I'd seen the duvet set on the Ikea website and I thought well £15, that's not expensive for a duvet set, especially since I just loved it at first sight. By the time we managed to visit the store (it's a wee ways from us and we don't own a car so we don't get to visit as often as I'd like to) well by the time we got there it had been reduced to £9! I was so pleased :) Loved your post today, the dresses are gorgeous and I LOVE those daisy shoes :) I've always loved daisies, they make me smile :) huggles always honey xxx