Tuesday, 29 December 2015

It's A Great Time To Be A Fan Girl (or Guy)

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to promote any products, I just wanted to share some fan girl smiles x

Hi Honeys
If you saw my last post you'll know I got very excited because of a lovely Star Wars top I'd seen in Primark :)  Primark is in fact positively full to the brim with fan pleasing goodies...
Its a great time to be a fan girl
There are t shirts, PJs, socks, all manner of fan girl (or boy) pleasing items :) Shall we have a closer look?

First let's have another look at that sweet Star Wars top...
Star Wars PJ Top At Primark
There are no words for how cute I think this top is :) It's actually a pyjama top, although in my ever so humble opinion it's far too nice to be kept for sleeping in :) Too cute!
Adorable though it is, this sweet, smile inducing pink top isn't the only Star Wars themed item to be seen in Primark right now, there are also Star Wars t shirts, socks, bedding and all kinds of accessories like bags, travel mugs etc etc..

Primark also have a whole heap of Harry Potter goodness too. Far too much to share here but you can see some of it on their site.  Among the items I noticed was this top...
Harry Potter Top At Primark
I thought this PJ top was super cute and again far, far too nice to sleep in :) How cute would this look with jeans?  As you can see they've used the same design as the Star Wars top. It even has writing along the inside of the neckline too, which says "School of witchcraft & wizardry."

It too has a pattern along the arms, although in this case the pattern is a beautiful splash of burgandy with the Hogwarts crest, replacing the line of (adorable) stormtroopers on the Star Wars version.

I did end up buying one of these PJ tops honeys, I couldn't resist this one...
Hogwarts Top At Primark
 Isn't it fabulous?  This has a very similar design to the last two tops although it wasn't in the pyjama section. I found it in the sale section instead (yaaay!) and it cost a whole £4!  There is again writing on the inner neckline which says "I solemnly swear I am up to no good."  I love it!

Primark really are going all out for fan girls (and boys) right now.  Everywhere you look there is everything from Star Wars to Harry Potter to Minions (who doesn't adore those guys?) to Disney to Batman...
Batman Pyjama Bottoms
These are very cool Batman pyjama bottoms :)

It isn't only Primark though who are chock full of fan fabulous-ness though.  I was in Asda (Walmart) and they too have Star Wars everything :) T shirts, onesies, bedding and even food are all to be found there. You can have a look at Asda's Star Wars range here honeys.

I hope everyone is having a great time over the holidays and that Santa was good to everyone :)  I can't believe how close we are now to 2016! Where did this year go? It's gone by far so fast!  Till next time dear ones, have fun and smile lots :) Huggles always xxx

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