Friday, 4 December 2015

Friday Smile: The Moose With The Moustache & The Monocle :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you're staying warm and safe with the weird weather we're having. It's still raining outside and I'm starting to forget what the sun looks like :/  Forget about the weather though because this weeks Friday smile just has to be about the cutest, sweetest, most adorable wee thing :)
The moose with the moustache and the monocle
Yep, you read that right honeys :) You might have noticed my love of all things reindeer dotted around this blog, so this time of year I find myself smiling a lot :) It sometimes feels as if every time I turn around there's another reindeer :)  Reindeer are everywhere and I love it! 

So, there I was, wandering around Asda (Walmart) picking up some groceries and I saw this little guy...
the moose with the moustache and the monocle
Go on, admit it. You smiled just then didn't you? I'm still smiling just looking at him :) He's a tree decoration, as you can see from the little loop on his head, but his new home is sitting on the shelf by my desk where he can carry on making me smile on rainy days, sunny days (oh for a sunny day!) and any other days :)  I have a feeling this little guy is going to be one of my absolute favourite deer :)

Yesterday was a very busy day honeys.  Our day started with a visit to our furbaby Jade's lovely vet's practice.  It was a routine visit for a health check and for Jade to have her yearly booster jab to keep her safe.  Dr Layla said she was really happy with Jade, her teeth are great (we're careful that she has her dentastix regularly to keep them clean) and that her fur was lovely. We use a lovely shampoo that has aloe vera in it and it makes her fur so lovely and fluffy and soft :) 

Jade had her booster jab (didn't even flinch! brave baby! she never does bless her) and stayed long enough to have a huge fuss made of her by the lovely Dr Layla and the fab staff, which she absolutely adored of course :) and we were off again.  We'd forgotten to bring the Christmas cards and chocs for Dr Layla and the Practice staff so we told them we'd pop back with them later after we'd done some errands. 

First stop was Asda where I shopped for some groceries and Hubby sat with Jade, Jade also made friends with a lovely golden labrador who was in the car parked next to us :) Then we were off to Ikea to pick up a photo ledge for the living room, a duvet set I'd seen on their website which I thought would be nice for Christmas and a couple of other bits and bobs which I'll share in another post honeys.  I also took some photos on my wander around their gorgeous room sets which I'll share too.  

At Ikea Hubby again kept Jade company in the car, thank you sweetheart xx  Jade is a very nervous wee dog bless her but she does love being in a car oddly enough :) Next on our busy day we dropped by Jade's vet's practice again to drop off their chocs and cards...
Our furbaby Jade delivers cards and chocolates
After we'd delivered the cards and chocs, with Jade excited to be back at the vets again :) She really does love it there and pulls to run up the steps to their practice.  They spoil her though and she always gets lots of fuss and cuddles :)  Then it was back into the car again and we decided to go back home and drop off the shopping we'd already accumulated, have a much needed cup of tea and then set off to get the last of our shopping from the freezer shop. 

This time I stayed in the car with Jade and we played with her latest toy from Ikea which may or may not be some kind of unicorn? 
Jades unicorn toy from Ikea
Well honeys, whatever her latest stuffed toy is she likes it and went for a nap with it last night when we finally got home and I made a start on dinner :) It's become a sort of tradition that whenever we visit Ikea our furbaby gets a new stuffed toy friend.  

She's very careful with her toys, she never tears them and since Ikea's stuffed toys have no glass or button eyes or anything else that could hurt her, they're perfect for her.  She even picks a toy to carry upstairs to bed with her at night and whichever she's chosen gets tucked in alongside her under her blanket :)

I was once asked at work if our furbaby knows she's a dog and I replied "she knows she's our baby and that's enough" :)  So, that was our busy Thursday honeys :) What did you do this week? I hope you had as much fun as we did yesterday :)    
Happy weekend from the monocled moustached moose
Till next time dear ones, stay warm and safe, wrap up well against the Winter chills and have a fabulous weekend, huggles always dear ones xx 


  1. so cute! I wish my dog would take care of stuffed toys like that...she eats them. every time. Happy Friday:)

    1. Aww bless!!! She's protecting her Mum! Vet told me once that furbabies who tear at toys seem to think they're protecting their family, since toys have invaded their home :) Vet had said Jade was really unusual in not eating her toys, but that having been said, she's such a laid back dog that if she was a cat she'd welcome mice too :) She seems to be on a mission to make friends with every human/creature she meets :) She adores the ducks but can't understand why they won't come out of the canal near us to play with her :) Thank you for visiting honey, you've so made me smile :) Huggles xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing your busy day with us! I truly love days with Scotty running around shopping. And SOME DAY, when we have a dog I am sure I will like going to the vet. I can't wait to have a puppy! Your Jade sounds so sweet. How cute that you get her a stuffed toy at Ikea as tradition. I love Ikea stuff. I stopped by last week to get some tree decorations. They always have the cutest stuff for a relatively reasonable price. I love your Moose! How cute is he?! In another life, I could see us having a nice trip to Ikea or Target, Asada and finding cute things for Christmas! How fun would that be?!

    1. Heather! I would so, so love a shopping trip with you! We'd have such fun! Wouldn't even have to be a shopping trip (although I can imagine what a giggle we'd have) even sitting having a chat and a coffee would be fabulous :) It's very cruel of fate to put us on opposite sides of the pond! I feel blessed to have met you during Blogtember and blessed to have you as a friend x hugs always angel xx