Friday, 23 October 2015

Looking Forward To Halloween & Frighteningly Fun Printable

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote any products, just excited about Halloween and wanted to share some smiles x

Hi honeys
For today's Friday smile I thought I'd share what I did yesterday afternoon :)  Is anyone else excited that Halloween is almost with us?
Looking forward to halloween
I adore Halloween! It's one of my favourite holidays :) I love everything about it. I love the costumes, the scary movies on TV, especially the old back & white classics that scare us with dramatic scores & rely on what we don't see rather than showing far (far) too much (take that, gory slasher films!)

Yesterday I mostly had a sofa day with our furbaby Jade.  It's been a really tiring week and I knew I had to build some kind of reserve of energy in order to cope with my shifts at work this weekend.  I did however venture into the kitchen long enough to make some fun fairy cakes :)   

Halloween Spider Fairy Cakes
Aren't they adorable honeys? These have to be the cutest little spiders in the whole world with their cute wee hats :)  I made a dozen of these cute fairy cakes and since there was still some batter left, I made some pumpkin shaped sponges..... 

Halloween Pumpkin Sponge Cakes
They're more cute than scary these pumpkin sponges and according to Hubby, who had one with his cup of tea last night, they're very yummy too! Thank you sweetheart xx 

This year's Halloween accessories are kind of fun :) I made the pumpkin sponges using a silicone baking tray, which you can see in the photos below...
Fun Halloween Accessories
I found it in one of the pound shops (dollar stores) along with the rectangular paper platters (which come in a pack of ten) printed with the cutest spiders, bats and ghosts :) The purple cobweb patterned paper fairy cake cases and the adorable little plastic spiders in hats toppers are from Asda (Walmart) and are supplied in a set of seventy. There are thirty five each of the paper cases & toppers.  The spider patterned purple goblet and the black sparkly candelabra were both from Asda too and they were all a bargain at £1 :)   

I had such fun yesterday making these adorable fairy cakes & pumpkin sponges, and then just as much fun taking photos for you, I hope they've made you smile honeys x    
Halloween Baking
The recipe for the sponge mixture I used to make both the fairy cakes and the pumpkin sponges is a very basic sponge recipe I've used since being taught, long  (long) ago as a child in Home Economics lessons. I thought though it would be fun to create a printable version of this very basic recipe for you to suit the season :)
Frighteningly fun fairycakes recipe

I had such fun making this printable for you honeys, I so hope you like it :) If you'd like a copy you can download an A4 printable version of the above recipe here honeys.  When printing the download, just choose print to fit in your printers settings and you'll have a lovely A4 copy :)

Have a fabulous weekend honeys, smile lots, hugs more and stay warm.  If you're in the UK remember our clocks go back an hour tomorrow night.  Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx 


  1. so cute! I love Halloween too :)

    1. Hi Heidi :) Isn't it a fun holiday? I love everything about it, I love the costumes, the food, making up little treat bags for the wee ones trick or treating, making decorations, it's all such fun :) It hasn't been such a great week really but I was grinning all afternoon yesterday making those little fairy cakes :) I'm dashing off to work soon, have a fabulous weekend honey, huggles xxx

  2. Fabulous Halloween printable! I like the font you used and graphics!

    1. Hi Rhonda! such a lovely surprise to see your message! I was thinking about you, you must be thrilled now that the walls have gone up on your house. It'll be all finished in no time you must be so excited! Thank you so much :) I've made another printable recipe for Halloween gingerbread cookies I'm hoping to have on the blog tomorrow :) I used pic monkey to make them, have you tried it yet? It's such a fun programme, you can find it at I hope you're having a wonderful week, sending heaps of huggles xx