Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween: Gruesome Gingerbread Cookies Recipe :)

Hi honeys
I hope you're well and staying warm. I'm writing this with the rain lashing against the windows of our living room and I'm happy to be inside where it's cosy.  I thought today, since it's almost Halloween, I'd share my gingerbread cookies recipe :)

Easiest ever spooky gingerbread cookies & free printable
I posted this recipe a while ago (you can see it here) but I've created a cute Halloween version of the recipe as a printable download for you. I hope you like it, I had such fun making it :)

Gruesome Gingerbread Cookes Recipe

You can download a larger A4 version of the recipe here honeys.  If you print the download version, just choose "print to fit" in your printers options and you should have a lovely A4 version.

I adore this recipe because the cookies are just beyond delicious, the cookie dough is so simple to make.  You could even make up a couple of batches and store any extra dough in the fridge, wrapped in cling film.  I've said in the recipe that the dough is enough for 12 cookies but this really depends on how big or small the cookies are and on how thickly you roll out the dough.  As a guide, in the photo at the top of this page I made 4 quite large ghost cookies and 8 small bat shaped cookies, this used around half of my dough.  Any left over dough can be wrapped in shrink wrap or placed into a tub and will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Of course it doesn't have to be Halloween to make these extra yummy treats.  Wouldn't they be fun to add to school lunch boxes....
Gingerbread Guys & High Five Cookies
Or, since Christmas isn't so far away, why not make pretty Christmas wreath cookies to gift or even to hang on the Christmas tree?   
Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cookie
These couldn't be any easier to make honeys.  Simply use two circular cookie cutters, one larger and another in a smaller size.  Begin by cutting out the larger circle from the cookie dough.  Once this is done, use the smaller cutter to remove a little circle from the middle. Before baking, use a cocktail stick or something similar to pierce a small hole in the cookie.  Once baked and decorated this hole in the cookie will be used to thread a piece of narrow ribbon to complete your pretty wreath cookie.

There are so many ways to use this cookie dough, for so many occasions or why not make a lovely batch of gingerbread cookies.... just because :) A simple dusting of icing sugar makes them super special and would make a lovely hostess gift when visiting.  
Delicious Gingerbread Cookies
A tip honeys, Do you prefer your cookies to be slightly "chewy" or thinner and crispier?  To achieve either, simply adjust the thickness of your cookie dough when you roll it out.  The thicker the cookie the chewier it will be, a thinner cookie will be crispier.  

A reminder too that the matching Halloween fairy cakes recipe (and free printable) can be found here if you'd like a copy.  Enjoy honeys!  Till next time dear ones, stay warm, smile lots and hug even more, huggles always xx 

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