Saturday, 5 September 2015

Blogtember Challenge Day 5: First 10 songs My MP3 Shuffles :)

Hi Honeys
I hope you're having a great weekend :) We've reached day 5 of the Blogtember Challenge, organized by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  Today's prompt asks us to put our music player on shuffle and list the first ten tracks it plays.  This could be fun :)
Blogtember Challenge 2015 Day 5 Music
First thoughts when considering today's prompt was "that's so unfair!! Only ten tracks? What if the shuffle thingie doesn't pick any of my favourites? Hang on, they're all my favourites or they wouldn't be there....." :)  OK, off we go on a musical mystery tour of my MP3 player.... see what I did there?  Couldn't tell I adore the Beatles could you?  

History of Modern - OMD - watch the video here honeys - Title track of the band's latest album. I've loved OMD since Hubby first took me to see a gig the year we got engaged, back when we were doing the "share my interests" thing couples do :) The album for that tour was Junk Culture and that was a wee while ago honeys :) Hubby is a LONG time fan & thinking about it I suppose I am too :)

Come On Over - Shania Twain - watch a live recording here - I love this album, joy in a cd case  

I need to be in love - The Carpenters - watch a recording here - Karen's beautiful voice is such a loss to music. Forever missed.

The Winner Takes It All - Abba - watch the video here - clearly remember bringing this album home and playing it and playing it and playing it.....

Closer To Your Heart - Clannad - watch the video here honeys - Most people remember this amazing band for the hauntingly beautiful theme to Harry's Game or from the wonderful theme to the TV series Robin Hood. Wonderful band. 

Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf - watch the video here honeys - Best. Album. Ever.

Tell Me Why - The Beatles - watch the fab four singing this here - love love love (see what I did there?) the Beatles. Why was I born too late!! Why universe? Why?

All Over The World  - ELO - you can watch a fabulous "flash mob" video here prepare to beam with happiness honeys it's fantastic!

Black Velvet - Alannah Myles - you can watch the video here - There are no words for how much I adore this song!

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe - You can see the video here - This song makes me smile and makes our furbaby Jade wag her tail, also its ridiculously catchy :) Can't stop humming it all day once heard :)

So that's the first ten songs my MP3 shuffled honeys, can I add the 11th track too though, for no other reason than that I LOVE the video :)

Taylor Swift - Love Story - you can watch the video here - it's a great song but I adore this video. It's adorable!  I know what you're thinking, too many BBC costume dramas growing up? Nope, no such thing as too many, hang on, I feel a DVD marathon coming up :)

Well, thank you for joining me on my wee musical road trip honeys, this has really been fun :) With thanks as always to the lovely Bailey Jean for arranging the Blogtember Challenge and lets all meet up again tomorrow :) Till next time dear ones, hugs always xx 

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