Monday, 24 August 2015

A Tiny, Ever So Perfect Way To Store Memories

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to promote this product, or any sellers, I just think it's adorable and wanted to share :)

Hi honeys,
I hope you've had a fabulous weekend full of smiles and hugs :) It's been a busy old weekend here.  Yesterday was such an amazing day, gorgeous sunshine and a good strong wind too, so guess who got lots of lovely laundry done while Hubby went to Comic Con?  I'm paying for it today with very painful shoulders & spine but Jade & I had a great day yesterday so it's kinda worth it :)

I got home Saturday evening to find I'd had a package delivered while I was at work. Inside were a few things I'd ordered from an online card & gifts company, but one of the items is so cute I thought I'd share :)

If I were to say "message in a bottle" honeys, what would be your first thought?  Might it be a glass bottle cast adrift in the sea with a mysterious message, it's eventual destination and it's finder left to destiny to decide?   It's definitely the stuff romantic novels are made of :)

Message in a Bottle - 21st Century version makes an adorable gift when filled with memories

Around two years or so ago, when I started planning Hubby's birthday celebrations,  I was thrilled to find a 21st century version of this wonderfully romantic method of message delivery, although it's certainly not designed to be waterproof!

With so many messages taking a more digital form these days, why shouldn't the centuries old idea of a message in a bottle have a digital equivalent too?  I knew as soon as I saw it that Hubby would love it and he so did :) I made a digital birthday card from Jade & I and also loaded it with some family photos too. 

It was the perfect little gift to add to his other birthday packages.  So, you can imagine how happy I was to see a similar product listed on the Studio website and immediately ordered one because I thought this additional little "message in a bottle" USB drive would be the perfect place to store digital copies of our wedding photos.

Message in a Bottle - 21st Century version makes an adorable gift when filled with memories

Of course our wedding photos will be backed up.  I've learned through various experiences over the years to back up files and never to only have only one copy of anything precious, from photographs to course work at university.  If something can go wrong it usually will so back up, back up, back up honeys!

Message in a Bottle - 21st Century version makes an adorable gift when filled with memories

I just thought it would be a sweet and special place to keep a copy of our special memories.  I was lucky enough to find our little bottle USB at Studio in their clearance corner.  I've had a look online though honeys and they seem to be available in lots of places including Amazon in the UK and Amazon in the USA too.
I hope you're having a great start to the new week dear ones, can you believe we're heading into Autumn already?  Till next time, hugs always xx

Edit: This adorable little bottle doesn't seem to be available from Studio anymore but I've checked both Amazon links and they're still valid, hugs x


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    1. :) Thank you honey! I'm such a sucker for cute and this wee bottle is adorable :) Heaps of huggles honey xx