Friday, 17 July 2015

Why Staying Connected Is Vital..

Hi Honeys
It's Friday again :) I hope you're looking forward to a fabulous weekend full of fun & smiles :) Do you remember I said a couple of weeks ago I was going to blog about something that makes me smile every week?   Well honeys today I'd like to do just that. 
Roses - start each day with a grateful heart
Yesterday I was having a really rotten day and then something wonderful happened. A dear friend phoned, out of the blue, just because she was worried about me.  I can't even begin to say what a difference that made to my whole day.  Thank you so much Francine, I'm so lucky to have you in my life, sending heaps of hugs honey xxx

Francine's call yesterday got me to thinking, well actually I had a good cry first (but in a good way Francine, don't worry dear one!) then I washed my face and started thinking about how really lucky I am.  As those battling any chronic illness know, an all too common side effect of this battle is a sense of isolation from the world. 

Often, the result of constant pain, side effects from the myriad of drugs prescribed to us, indescribable fatigue and lack of understanding from those around us, even well meaning people who do try, all compound into making us retreat from the world.  We build a protective wall, an invisible fortress to hide in because our senses are overwhelmed and all we want to do is to be left alone and rest.  It's what I've done this past couple of weeks.

This is such a dangerous thing to do honeys because this protective fortress can so easily become a prison, keeping us in as well as making others stay away.  I am blessed, and I truly thank God that I am because having my dear Hubby & our furbaby give me a reason to keep getting up each day.  I have, bit by bit, over the last 15 years or so almost entirely retreated from the world.  Going to work and visits to either my Doctors surgery or to the hospital are the only time I go outside.  Even those are incredibly difficult at times but I can't allow myself to lose that contact with outside. 

I have a very small group of friends (you know who you are dear ones) who mean so much to me, because they're there. They reach out when I can't.  With a surprise phone call (hugs Francine & Miriam so tightly xx) or by taking the time to wrap the most gorgeous candles as a surprise when I get to work (Thank you Jenny, you're an angel sweetheart xx) Miriams Beautiful Roses
Having unbelievably beautiful flowers arrive unexpectedly (Thank you Miriam, the message on the card was what made me cry, in a good way, because I heard your Dad in my head saying it as I read, you'll never know what that meant to me my wee angel xx) or by sending me countless tweets & facebook updates to make me smile (Thank you Alex & Milla, you guys are awesome xx) Lovely blogging friends who drop by just to let me know I'm not just chatting to myself (Thank you Leah, words can't even come close, hugs always honey xx)  and chatting with my dear BiL every Sunday & with my beautiful SiL on Facebook are beyond priceless to me (hugs honeys xx)

What I'm trying to say is that having a connection with the world is so incredibly important to everyone's (not just spoonies) wellbeing.  I'm not talking about gifts or flowers, I'm talking about a phone call, an email, a tweet, a text or (my favourite of all) a hug.  Just that reassurance that someone cares can make a very dark day light again.

So honeys, your task for this weekend then is to do just that.  Do you have a friend who's been a little quiet lately? Why not drop them an email? Forward a link to a happy kitten on you tube, or give them a call just to say hello?   There are no words for how much it will mean to the person receiving it.  For fellow spoonies, I hope that your weekend is full of joy & smiles and you have more spoons than you can use but if you don't, why not reach out? There are so many wonderful people who truly care, I promise, but sometimes we need to take a step back to be able to see them. To count our blessings. Till next time dear ones, love always xx  


  1. Beautiful post. I totally agree that we sometimes make our own thankful you have such great friends to help you through....Helen xx

    1. Hi Helen, thank you so much for visiting :) Those fortresses we make for ourselves are the most difficult to escape from, but it's so worth the struggle. I just read your post for today's Blogtember! It's wonderful! Thank you for sharing and for visiting too, it means more than I can say. Hugs always xx