Friday, 24 July 2015

Happy Weekend & Free Pretty Rose Printable

Hi honeys

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful fun & smile filled weekend :)  Did you see the pretty rose in the rain photograph I used in a post on 5 ways to cope when living with a chronic illness earlier this week?  I've organized a large printable version for you, and I so hope that it makes you smile :)

Pretty Rose In The Rain Free Printable

The printable version has no "watermarks" or text on it. It looks like this......

Pretty Rose In The Rain Free Printable

It's my little gift to you for visiting and keeping me company.  Feel free to download it, print it, use as wall art, use to illustrate a blog post of your own if you'd like to, if you do though, do come back and leave me a link so I can read it too, I'd love to visit your blog and I promise to say hello if I do :)

You can download the printable here honeys: Rose in the rain  Till next time dear ones, keep smiling and hugging and be happy, love always xx


  1. Hi Rosie!

    Your roses are so lovely - thanks for allowing we viewers to print a copy. :-) I hope your enjoying your wee recipe book - I haven't watched Downtown Abbey in quite a while. I think I watched the first season but I always get distracted from the TV nowadays lol.

    Take Care and I'll see you later on.


    1. Aw thank you Jenny! You're an angel and have so made me smile :) See you at work sweetheart, hugs always xxx