Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tiny Closet Handbag Storage

Hi Honeys,
I hope wherever you are, you're seeing the gorgeous sunshine this morning. It's so beautiful outside :) I noticed yesterday that our Peonies have started to bud in the back garden & the lavender seems to be waking up after it's long Winter nap,  Spring seems to finally have sprung :)

In my teeny tiny closet post from yesterday, I shared how I've used the inside of the cupboard/closet door for accessory storage.  It's such a joy to be able to chose an outfit, shoes and then jewellery all in the same tiny space :) Today, as promised, I wanted to share how I've stored my "in use" handbags in the same tiny space. I say "in use" because I rotate them :)  

Rosie's Tiny Closet Handbag Storage

I've had this system for a while now, far longer than I've had the closet technically, since until last night this cupboard/closet was not used for clothes storage at all :)  I just adore this system! I can swap around which handbags I keep to hand and they look pretty in our bedroom too :) Honestly it really has to be the simplest idea ever but it really works :)

I asked Hubby to attach two of those wooden coat hook bars you can find in stores such as Poundland, Home Bargains or the Dollar Store, to the outside of the cupboard/closet door, One on the upper part of the door, although obviously within reach :) I'm not tall so this last point is pretty important :) The other bar was attached a little more than midway down the door.

I then had the fun part of sorting through handbags and deciding which I wanted to have out, ready to use when needed......

Tiny Closet Handbag Storage

The bags I weeded out were taken next door into what will be my little oasis of calm aka craft room :) Remember the closet Hubby decorated for me this week? Since the hanging rail was still in the cupboard/closet,  I've used plastic shower curtain rings and have hung the other handbags from the rail on the "free" unused side of the cupboard. Thank you Pinterest :)

DIY Tiny Closet Handbag Storage

This will allow me to easily change my bags over with the seasons, or with whatever mood takes me :)

How do you store your handbags honeys?  What do you do when storage space for accessories is at a premium? I'd love hints and ideas.  I took laundry upstairs this morning and it felt so good to put it away in my new closet :) 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend honeys, full of fun & smiles. Till next time dear ones, sending heaps of huggles xx


  1. My handbags are in giant 80l storage box, and they don't all fit in it. Eek! xx

    1. :) I don't have anywhere near that many :) Love the idea of the large storage box though, I'm loving storage right now. I'm starting to see the way ahead in decluttering honey, we're nowhere near even half way through but it's starting to feel as if we're making some kind of progress. It is tiring though, I so wish I was like Samantha from Bewitched and could just twitch my nose and have it all done :) I can dream :) Thank you so much for visiting honey, have a fabulous Easter weekend, sending heaps of huggles xxx