Saturday, 11 October 2014

What To Do With Unwanted VHS tapes

Hello honeys,
I'm so sorry I've been missing for a few days. Hubby has had a weeks hols from work and we've been de-cluttering our home. We've been working on the back bedroom, and since it doesn't get used very often it had become a "catch-all" for clutter.

This room is our guest room and so we've made it a project to make it far more functional than just being a room with a bed in it. This room has a decent sized cupboard in it. It's not a walk in closet by any means but it's a two door cupboard (closet) that is the depth of a wardrobe? This wonderful cupboard was though unfortunately full of boxes. We had no idea what was stored in them since they'd been there since our last house move!

What we found was... VHS tapes! Lots & lots of VHS tapes. Well, who uses VHS in our modern age? The answer surprised me :)

What to do with old VHS tapes to avoid landfill

I have always wanted my own "girly" closet and since our guest room is not used very often, it makes sense to use it as a dressing room.  My own little oasis of calm each day to get dressed & ready to face the day :)

First though, we had to find a new home for all of those VHS tapes! I simply couldn't face throwing them into the bin. Quite apart from the horrors of adding to landfill, these videos constituted quite an investment, having been quite expensive in their day & most had only been watched a handful of times. We even discovered a few that were still in their shrink wrap :) Also there were a lot (well over 300) of them including the entire run of Babylon 5, and the James Bond movies :)

We really wanted to find out if there was anywhere they'd be used. Do collectors of these tapes exist?  Well honeys, it turns out they do!

We started out by phoning around (a lot) of local charity shops. None of which wanted them until we called Oxfam. The girl we originally spoke to said her shop couldn't use them but that Oxfam did in fact have a designated "Oxfam Music" store, located near the University. 

She gave us their phone number and, it turns out, there is still a market for VHS tapes.  They are happy to accept donations of original (not recorded from TV etc) VHS tapes.  This little shop is an amazing place. They also sell vinyl records, LPs & 45s.

So, do you have unwanted VHS tapes (or vinyl records) at home, maybe taking up space in a cupboard or in the loft? You'll find the UK branches of Oxfam Music online here, but even if you're not in the UK, do contact your local Oxfam because they might have similar stores nearby.

It's such a great feeling to know that we haven't added to the ever growing problem of landfill, but that also somewhere, someone might find a little treasure for their collection in a tiny wonderful Oxfam shop, and when they do any money raised will help others.  Oxfam do such incredible work & it's wonderful to be able to help.

So honeys, after a lot of work, a whole lot of "why'd we keep that?" & "aww look!" moments (we found the cake topper from our wedding cake!) we were left with an empty cupboard :)  Yaaaayy!!

As I said earlier, I've always wanted my own "girly" closet and since our guest room is not used very often, it makes sense (to me anyway :) to use it as a dressing room :)  After a trip to my own favourite happy place, Ikea for supplies, plans are now afoot!

I'll share dear ones I promise. Such a silly thing to be excited about but I really am! I can't help it :)  I have to dash right now, I have to get to work, but I so hope you're having a fabulous weekend so far. Whatever you're doing honeys, have fun and fill your weekend with smiles :)  Till next time, sending heaps of hugs xx

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