Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kitchen Organization: Fridge Bins!

Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just sharing an organizing project x

Hello again honeys :)
Hope you're all well, it's sunny here today & I've been happily loading the washing machine with everything I can find to hang outside and make the most of the lovely sunshine. Hubby is home from work this week and is helping, bless him. 

So today I thought I'd blog about something I've been doing for a while now.  I love containers, I really do. I love corralling things together. It creates order, and makes putting things away, even food, so much easier. 

Kitchen Organization Using Refrigerator Bins

Let's have a look at how I've made finding items in our fridge a breeze using bins from Poundland 😊

For some time now I've been using these useful little bins in our fridge to separate items like cheeses..

Refrigerator organization using bins - cheeses.

All of our cheeses go in here, from mozzarella for pizza topping to yummy feta cheese to tubs of creamy Philadelphia, they're all corraled in here ready to use.

Another bin has yogurts...

Refrigerator organization using bins - yogurts.

A smaller bin is home to tubes of spreadable cheeses and purees like garlic & tomato...

Refrigerator organization using bins - tubes of cheeses & garlic and tomato purees.

Even those little bottles of Actimel, the yogurt health drink that my husband takes to work each day have a home in a designated basket...

Refrigerator organization using bins - yogurt health drinks.

Everything has its own home in our fridge. Of course, other than serving the purpose of corralling similar items together, these wonderful little bins prevent spillages and also act as makeshift drawers too.  No more digging to the back of the fridge.

In the mood for a cheese sandwich but want to use one of the tubs of Philadelphia cheese way in the back? No problem! no need to unpack all of the cartons or packages in front of the cheese you want, just pull out the little bin, take what you need and push the bin back in again.

The best thing is that these little plastic bins are so inexpensive.  You can find them in any of the pound shops or dollar stores in lots of different colours and sizes.  I have them all around our home, storing lots of different things, but I really do love my little fridge bins 😊

Refrigerator organization using bins - Fridge interior organized.

Do you use little bins or baskets in your fridge honeys? I'd love to see how you organize your fridge, with or without them. Do leave a link in the comments section to your own blog posts, I'm always looking for inspiration. I hope you're enjoying today & seeing this glorious sunshine where you are. Sending heaps of hugs always xx


  1. It looks so organised! Plus must save a decent bit of space if you can pile it up :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Hi Jasmin :) I've no idea why but using those little plastic bins lets me fit so much more into the fridge. It's not even a big fridge either :) Those little baskets are definitely the best £3 I've ever spent in poundland :) Thank you so much for visiting, hope you're having a wonderful week, sending hugs xx