Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fastest, Easiest Bathroom Cabinet Re-Do!

Hello again :)

Can I begin with a before & after photo please? I know it spoils the surprise a little but I'm so excited I can't help it :)

Bathroom cabinet re-do:  Before & after.

Well, now that I've gone and ruined the surprise lol, back to the beginning :) So, last summer, we bought two little wooden units for our teeny tiny bathroom, in the hopes of extra storage for the far too many toiletries and my ever growing Soap & Glory collection :) Well,  Hubby set about putting them together and I just fell in love with them :)

There was the prettiest little under sink two door unit.....

Bathroom cabinet re-do:  under sink unit before pic.

There was also a matching stand alone unit with one door and one drawer....

Bathroom cabinet re-do: stand alone unit before pic.

Something though, was amiss! In spite of having bought them from the same range, at the same shop (Argos) as you can see.......

Bathroom cabinet re-do: Even though the units were from the same range... the knobs were different!

They were supplied with different door knobs.  The under sink unit had silver door knobs and the little stand alone unit had white wooden knobs.

It was a little irksome but the units themselves fitted the space perfectly and they both hold such a lot that we decided to just add replacement knobs eventually, whenever we could find knobs that would suit.

Well, while out shopping recently I saw (and fell in love with) these......

Bathroom cabinet re-do: Beautiful new crystal glass knobs.

They are clear multi faceted crystal cut glass on a silver base and I'm not ashamed to say that I squealed a little when I saw them :)  Best of all was, having spent months looking for replacements, I was willing to splash out a little if we found the right ones but after taking them to the checkout I discovered they cost the staggering sum of £2.99 for a pack of four! Joy!

Off I went home with what has to have been the best purchase of the day, or at least the one that made me happiest :) The end result was this .....

Bathroom cabinet re-do:  Before & after changing door knobs.
And this.....
Bathroom cabinet re-do:  under sink unit - before & after changing door knobs.

I know it's ridiculous to be so happy about replacement door knobs but I can't help it, I really am :) So, what do you think honeys? It's such a tiny project really, it took no time at all to accomplish but it's made such a difference to the look of the units & makes me smile whenever I wander in to put away fresh towels :)

If you live in the UK, the door (or drawer) knobs can be found in Home Bargains and are available in three different sizes. The ones I used are the smallest.  Do let me know what you think of this mini makeover in the comments section below, and I so hope that you're having a fabulous day, sending heaps of hugs honeys, xx

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