Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Beautiful Bedding Makes Me Happy!

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to write this post, I just truly do love bedding, I love looking at it and talking about it :)

OK, I admit it! I'm addicted to beautiful bedding :)  I can't help it, no, let me re-phrase that.  I don't want to help it :)  Our lives are so busy, too many activities to fit into too short a day, every day, so when I go to bed at night I want it to be welcoming, cozy and most of all I want it to be beautiful :)

I thought I'd post some of my favourite new looks from the bigger retailers.  Just because they're lovely and deserve to be seen :) Your bed really is the focus for your bedroom and you honestly don't have to break the bank to have a beautiful bed.

OK, so first is this beauty from George at Asda.  This is SO me! I love the pretty neutral colours, the patchwork pattern (always been one of my favourites) and it has roses!

I really adore this range which includes a gorgeous duvet set with matching quilted throw, curtains and the cutest throw pillow in a soft velvety feel material. It's really affordable too, with the duvet set starting at £10 for a single bed set (£12 for Double, £14 for king size.)

You can find details of the George Home Vintage Duvet Set here.

My next choice is also from George at Asda. I have such a lot of their bedding in my linen cupboard.  For so many good reasons though, their bedding is easy to care for, washes well and really is great value. The range also changes often and there is always something that screams "me" there :) I'm as fussy when it comes to my bedding as the most dedicated fashionista is when it comes to their shoes/bags/accessories :)

So, just how cute is this duvet set? It's a fresh bright pattern made up of vintage sewing pattern ladies and is just adorable. It takes us back to the fashions of the 1940s/50s and looks just fabulous.

So, next onto a couple of choices from what is genuinely my "happy place" :) It's sad I know but even planning a trip to Ikea makes me grin! OK, I love, love, love Ikea bedding & we own so much of it for many reasons. Chief among them being: 1. Quality - they wash up great! 2. Price - very reasonably priced & so such great value. and 3. and this is for me the deal breaker :) they supply four pillowcases with double & king sized duvet sets! With two supplied with their single sets.

Lets think about this for a second. On our bed I have six pillows. Most duvet sets are supplied with two pillowcases, so my bed will be my choice of fitted sheet, then four pillowcases to match this sheet, then duvet cover with the top two pillows in the cases to match the quilt cover.

This looks lovely, but is so much smarter, so much more pleasing to the eye (mine anyway) when I have fitted sheet, with bottom two pillowcases matching it & then next four pillowcases matching the quilt cover.  What can I say, I just like symmetry :)

My first bedding choice from my happy place is the Emmie Land set. This is one of my favourites because when I first saw it in store I just fell in love with it. It's a calming blue on white background and it made me think of the classic willow pattern found on crockery many years ago (which I love.)

I use a crisp white fitted sheet and matching bottom two pillowcases and it looks fabulous! Included in the Emmie Land range are the duvet set with the prettiest matching cushion covers for throw cushions available seperately.  You'll find the Emmie Land set here.

This is the Lisel set, available in blue & red.  It's a lovely crisp pattern on a white background.  Again from Ikea and very inexpensively priced. This looks lovely and fresh on your bed and would look great in any bedroom.

You'll find the Lisel duvet set here.

Do you like butterflies? I adore them, of course there is an old adage which says when you see a butterfly, it's a loved one, now passed on, checking you're ok. I love that.  This set is a gradient of lovely butterflies on a pale background and is also available in pink & duck egg blue. It's so pretty and would look amazing in any bedroom.

Its from the Studio Cards & Gifts Catalogue and is also available online here Graded Butterfly.

My last pick (for now anyway, bedding is a passion so I'm sure I'll blog about it again) is again from Studio Cards & Gifts and is just beautiful.  We bought the entire set for my beloved Mother-in-Law for her birthday last year and she loved it. The collection has a duvet set, a quilted throw and the cutest little boudoir cushion :)

Isn't it pretty? You can find details of this gorgeous collection here Rosemary Collection by Studio Home.

So, honeys, over to you. How do you like your bed to look? do you like throws? cushions or throw pillows? I adore those and have far too many :) Do let me know in the comments section below. Thank you so much for stopping by and making my little corner of the internet a little less lonely, have a fabulous day angels, sending heaps of hugs to you xx

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